Breach of Contract / Business Law

The Law Offices of Kevin C. Maxwell and Associates, zealously conducts an active breach of contract and business litigation practice on behalf of clients throughout the state of Florida. We are tireless and proactive litigators who have crafted a record of success through hard work, creativity and knowledge of legal issues.

Our law firm represents clients in all types of business litigation matters, including but not limited to the following:

  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Drafting business contracts
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Employment contract litigation
  • Business tort litigation
  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Other types of contract disputes

Cost-Effective Legal Solutions

We recognize that business litigation can be costly, so our team of professionals is skilled at drafting agreements to protect your interests. Notwithstanding strong contracts, litigation may still ensue. Before rendering the decision to take a case to trial, our attorneys, in consultation with the client, will consider all available options. If a negotiated settlement can attain the client’s goals while protecting their interests, we can craft a winning negotiation strategy. If litigation becomes inevitable, we work to build a strong and persuasive case to pursue our client’s goals in the courtroom.

The Law Offices of Kevin C. Maxwell and Associates employs an experienced staff  to minimize litigation expenses for our clients. we possess the ability to pursue complex litigation and also lawsuits involving unique or unusual applications of the law.

The firm represents all types of business clients, from one-person businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Irrespective of size, each business client received attentive client service from our legal professionals.

Whether the issue involved a contract dispute, unfair business practice, partnership dispute or other business or breach of contract problem, The Law Offices of Kevin C. Maxwell and Associates, will zealously advocate for the client to achieve his or her goals. For a free initial consultation with The Law Offices of Kevin C. Maxwell and Associates, call 407-480-2179 or contact us online.

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