Violation of Probation

Orlando Probation Violation Attorney

At The Law Offices of Kevin C. Maxwell and Associates, we represent people charged with all types of probation violation offenses. Our criminal defense attorneys handle probation violation cases throughout central Florida. Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss your arrest or charge.

When you are placed on probation or community control, you are advised of conditions you must complete or adhere to while you are in a position of community control. Should you violate the conditions by intentionally or materially breaking the rules, your probation or community control could be violated. A probation officer will fill out an affidavit asking the judge to sign a warrant for your arrest. As a result, you may be kept in a county jail pending the results of a Violation or Bond hearing. A judge may set a bond for your release, but does not need to set a bond.

Violation of probation proceedings are different from other criminal proceedings:

Probation Other Proceeding
Bond Review No
(You may sit in jail until your hearing)
Right to Jury Trial No
(The judge will hear your case)
Burden of Proof Preponderance of evidence Beyond a reasonable doubt
Forced to Testify Yes No

Have you violated your probation?  Call an Orlando Probation Lawyer today.

Day or Night.

If you are found guilty, a judge can sentence you to the maximum penalty you faced before being placed on probation, including jail or prison. It is important that you have competent legal counsel. Please contact us or call our Orlando probation attorneys at (407) 849-2949.

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