Child Support

Parents have a legal obligation to support their children financially and that responsibility cannot be waived by either parent.  Child support is statutory in Florida, meaning that the law itself determines the amount of child support to be paid based upon the net income of the parents.

Obviously, then, one of the most critical aspects in the determination of child support and in the preparation of the Child Support Guideline Worksheet is correctly determining the net monthly income of the parties.  Obviously, in many cases a party may try to understate or hide their income.  If this is the case, an experienced family law attorney is required to insure that we will be able to properly determine exactly how much income each parent has so that we can make sure that the child support calculations are correct.

Similarly, if the income of the parents has changed over time, you may be entitled to an increase in your child support.  Or, perhaps, you are entitled to either a permanent reduction in the amount of your child support or to a temporary abatement of your child support due to unemployment. Modifications of child support are relatively simple proceedings that can usually be resolved at mediation.

Also, if you are still paying child support for a child who is now an adult, then The Law Offices of Kevin C. Maxwell and Associates can pursue a downward modification based upon the emancipation of that child.

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