Modification Lawyer for Florida Family Court Judgments

Final Judgments are not always final in terms of  family law.  Circumstances change in life and people do not always do what they are ordered to do.  In either case, you may need a modification lawyer to assist you in modifying your Final Judgment due to a change in circumstances, or to enforce your Final Judgment to insure your ex-spouse complies with the orders of the Court.

Modification of a Final Judgment is available when there has been a change in circumstances, such as relocation by one parent to another state, a change in the economic circumstances of one of the parties, or when the other parent is failing to meet their responsibilities under the Final Judgment.  Modifications may be sought for child support, greater time-sharing (formerly primary residential care), parental responsibilities, time-sharing (formerly visitation), relocation, even alimony.

A change in Greater Time-Sharing (formerly Primary Residential Care),  when the other parent is interfering with time-sharing (formerly visitation), not paying child support, failing to comply with the requirements of Shared Parental Responsibility or is otherwise not complying with the Final Judgment, are all basis to go back to the Court and ask them to modify the Final Judgment to put the parties in a situation better suited to the present circumstances.

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