In 2006, the Florida Legislature passed a statute that requires that any parent with child custody of a minor must obtain either the other parent’s consent to or a court order approving the relocation of a child more than 50 miles away from their former primary residence.

This statute has very strict requirements as to what information must be provided to the other parent, or filed with the court.   Failing to comply with this statute can result in your being ordered by a Court to return to the area you lived in or in a change of custody that differs from those established during the divorce in Florida.

Whether you reside in Orange County, or the Greater Orlando Area, relocation in Florida is a serious issue and it cannot be resolved with an “oral agreement” between the parents. You must comply with the statute or you face serious legal complications.  Confiding in the services of a trusted family law lawyer is crucial for establishing a sufficient relocation plan and to minimize the potential for further complication.

Contact  The Law Offices of Kevin C. Maxwell and Associates today if you are thinking in terms of relocating to another state or anywhere more than 50 miles away, and let us assist you in making sure you have the necessary approvals to permit you to relocate properly.

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