You still have rights when your home is in forclosure

Foreclosure can affect the whole family!

Parents swear, and children suffer


When purchasing a home no one expects to go into FORECLOSURE, it can be a difficult and trying time for an entire family. Let the Office of Kevin C. Maxwell & Associates put your mind at ease and help you save your home. In addition to being a full service foreclosure defense firm, we offer assistance with: Loan Modification, Short Sales, Cash for Keys, HAMP, HARP and Bankruptcy. We are here for you.

What are my foreclosure rights in Florida?

Once the legal process of Foreclosure has begun, the borrower is accorded rights from the mortgage. One of the most important rights is the right of redemption.  Redemption is the right of a property owner to redeem his/her real estate from foreclosure or tax sale by paying off the debt in full: including all penalties, arrears, property taxes, attorney fees, HOA fees, property insurance and any other fees advanced by the lender.

Under Florida law, the right to redemption is inherent in any mortgage.  Any person having an interest in the mortgaged premises who would be adversely affected by the Foreclosure in entitled to redeem.  A person or entity with the right of redemption may redeem the mortgaged property at any time before the issuance and filing of the certificate of sale or in the time period specified in the final judgment of foreclosure.

Additionally, loans documents may contain provisions that provide for various rights such as a right to reinstatement, choice of law, and limitations on borrower’s liability. A borrower has a right to defend a foreclosure action to enforce these provisions and to protect their property rights.  It is important to obtain an attorney to give proper guidance and analysis.

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